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So… At Pride..

I guess I’m just going to walk up to random girls that I think are cute and try to talk to them? I don’t know how else I would actually MEET someone.
Hopefully I’ll be able to tell the nice girls from the bitches.

Really looking forward to Pridefest. 

I’d love to follow more lesbians from NY/NJ. 

If any of you are going to Pride this Sunday, feel free to talk to me. 

We could meet up if you want, whether you have someone to go with or not. 

The Empire State Building will be lit rainbow tonight and for Pride weekend. 

Seeing that is one of my favorite things. 

Scrolling through the NYC Pride tag is making me SO excited for Sunday. 

Oh, hey.
Pride is in 2 days.

Kind of thinking that I need these. 

ASkljfklsjdksajjdasjdl! :D 

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